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Post by Draich on Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:13 am

Hello everyone,

I offer forsale part of my collection of GW miniature mainly for WFB and WH40k,plus some for Space Hulk board game.
Here's what i got:

Space Hulk:
-22 Genestealers
-1 Broodlord
-eventually for ones interested,the rest of the set(minus terminators,unless you wsh to make a reasonable bid for the whole set:P)
The 'stealers are un asmbeled,unpainted,most are still on the sprue.

-40 Men-at-arms
-30 Pesant archers(including braziers and deffensive stakes)
-1 Lord/Paladin on pegasus
-1 Battle Standard Bearer on warhorse
-1 Lord/Paladin on warhorse
-7 Knights Errant(full comand group)
-8 Knights of the Realm(full command group)
The minis are assembeled,knights have some headswaps,not painted,horses are undercoated only(white).
plus i got a bunch of sprues with parts still on them.

-Chaos Space Marines:
-2 Rhinos*
-4 Obliterators
-10 Cultists(conversions)
-1 Chaos Sorcerrer(also a GOOD conversion:))
-10 Raptors(2nd Gen in resin)
-10 Marines(nurgle themed)*
-10 Marines(slaneesh/tzeench themed)*
Units with * are at least partially pained,but can me easily re-undercoated without loosing detail.The marine units and Cultists all have champions and special weapons options.Also have a whole bunch of parts and sprues for buyers.

I would be most interested in selling them as whole collections,but if you have a good bid,we can talk about separate units:).I DO NOT want to trade,hard cash only.
I can send pictures if you need,or the miniatures can be viewed in the Labiryth basicly daily.



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